Update on my MOOC experience

Week 1 now finished and I’ve completed all my assignments, but sadly the MOOC has been suspended owing to general technical chaos. 41,000 students joined the MOOC and the first task was to join a group using a Google spreadsheet. This quickly descended into mayhem, with students signing up and getting deleted by other students, the system crashing regularly and no way of checking whether your attempt to sign up had been successful, or to identify other group members.

The discussion board has also been a mess – there was a system for students to post comments within their group, but it was left to students to follow it. Predictably, this did not work and the discussion board is a mess of 41,000 students posting random, unstructured comments.

Pity, because despite the chaos there are clearly some committed students and I did manage to get a conversation going with a teacher from Ukraine and a British teacher working in Italy.

There’s potential there – let’s hope it will work better when it resumes!


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